Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beijing Grand Century Ocean Ka Hei signed real estate brokerage industry Co., Ltd.

Recently, as a professional in the real estate consumer research, marketing planning and sales service firms - Beijing offshore contract Ka Yip Price Bedroom Bathroom Grand Century, through the implementation of HJ-eHR4.0 Human Resource Management Information System, set up uniform, standardized information management platform, optimize human resources management.

Beijing real estate brokerage industry, offshore Ka Ocean Properties Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary, since its inception in 1999, a variety of business growth, total sales agent of nearly 400 million square meters area, sales break through 30 billion yuan, involving residential, commercial, office buildings, apartments, villas, hotels, and all other property types, are committed to advanced planning concepts, professional sales management, and service customers to the brand and achieve a win-win goal of maximizing economic benefits.

With the booming offshore industry, while Kerry, in order to make offshore Ka Yip become a high reputation for foresight and persistence to keep the concept of leading real estate brokers, ocean Ka Yip always adhere to the "Innovation on behalf of new thinking and new tools; reliable , on behalf of organizations, faith is the standard measure of the reputation of offshore real estate; collaboration, ocean-going property management of human resources principles "for the company's values. In the use of information technology means to achieve the objectives of human resources management process, the offshore industry have chosen Ka Grand Century HJ-eHR4.2 human resources management information systems as information tools, full integration, optimization of management processes, intelligent management.

Beijing Grand View century-depth analysis of offshore real estate brokerage industry Co., Ltd. Ka management features, the providing of the HJ-eHR4.2 human resources management information system, will help improve the human resources management, establish offshore Ka industry, company-wide personnel information database, to achieve company-wide ocean Ka industry personnel information collection, processing, storage, transmission and management, high efficiency and high quality human resources for the management of ocean Ka Yip, daily office, macro-control and leadership in scientific decision-making service. System consists of two parts, business and self-service platform, service platform which includes agency management, position management, personnel management, systems management, payroll management, insurance, benefits, recruitment and management; self-help platform provides employee self-service, manager self-service. System scalability, will be able to meet the business needs, to achieve the system's reconstruction, to long service in the offshore Ka Yip.

Through this cooperation, Grand View century will be based on ocean Ka Yip on human resources management needs to provide practical solutions to help solve the fundamental problem, help offshore Ka Yip human resources management to a new level.

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