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Photoshop combat KPT7 (2)

2, KPT Fluid 鈩?br />
KPT7 in the second filter is the KPT Fluid 鈩?filter, the filter is used to simulate the brush in the liquid on the Moguo effect. Liquid flow with a great chance, that chance was to create beauty. Now let us look at what this filter can give us the chance to create things.

From the graph you can see, this filter set is relatively simple. You just need to brush size, density of the liquid velocity are set.

1, in Photoshop, create a new 250pix * 200pix documents.
2, rainbow gradient fill.

3, choose Filters> KPT effects> KPT Fluid. In the Parameters (parameters) panel for the following set.
4, the Brush size slider to 75 drag position; the Velocity slider to 75 drag position; to Blend drag the slider to 100 locations.

Brush size slider is used to set the brush size, the greater the number the greater the brush size.
Velocity slider is used to set the brush across the fluid velocity, the greater the number set, the more complicated the image changes.
Blend slider is used to set the viscosity of the liquid, the greater the number setting the greater mobility of the liquid. For example: you set the value of 80, the viscosity of the liquid similar to gasoline; you value set to 5, the viscosity of the liquid and the cream on similar.

Now we use the mouse quickly across the image preview window. Wait until the image perfectly still.

5, re-Brush size slider bar to a location, drag the Velocity slider to 100 locations. Use the mouse on the screen for a variety of circular motion. After you remove the mouse you will find the color of the image, such as liquid-like to continue to flow, this flow with a very arbitrary. When you find a satisfactory screen immediately after the press preview window, the lower part of the pause button.

Preview window in order to explain the function of several buttons:
Stop simulation (stop button): Click this button to return to the image created before the initial state of fluid effects.
Rewind distortion (rewind button): Click and hold down this button, the image of the simulation results will be reversed back.
Continue simulation (to continue the play button): Click this button to effect the flow of the suspension will continue to track the original flow.
Pause simulation (pause button): Click this button to pause the flow effect.
Step forward (single-step play button): Click or hold down this button, you can skip the process of playing the liquid flow.

The color filter can also flow into a continuous process of exporting images (BMP format) or video animation (AVI format or MOV format).

6, in the Parameters panel Output Duration text box, enter 20 as the time to export animation.
7, click the button next to Output open Make Movie (output film) dialog box.

8, in the Output Format (export format) menu, select AVI Movie. (You can also choose BMP Sequence or QuickTime Movie format).
9, click Settings to select a video for the video compression settings. Here we choose Indeo_video 5.04, other optional default settings.

10, in the File Location (location of the output file) text box, enter "C: temp" as the file storage location.
11, adjust the Size slider to set the output video screen size. Here we choose the default settings.
12, click on a pigeon-confirmed, waiting for a while, the video images can be output end.
13, and finally click on the bottom right corner of the confirmation button to return to Photoshop in.
Note: If the Parameters panel at the bottom of Animate Next Distortion option is selected, then when you give the image after application of the Fluid Effects, Make Movie dialog box will pop up automatically.

Now you yourself, take a look at their feelings and what luck can come up with a new meaning to ^ _ ^.


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