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Beijing-Shenyang Expressway: Breaking the "separatism," the first

Middleware in the Beijing-Shenyang project application, for our inter-provincial highway network management is of great significance.

In our increasingly dense network of road transport today, the construction of highway is no longer any news, but in October 20, 2003, Beijing-Shenyang highway officially opened on interconnection charges when many of the media on the incident the unprecedented magnitude of pages to full coverage. What attracted them to a road so concerned about?

658 km on the road of four "mother"

As a heavy industry base in Northeast China and the connection between the capital, Beijing, an important transportation route, Beijing-Shenyang expressway opened to traffic in 2000, through Xianghe, Hebei Province, Tianjin Baodi, Hebei, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao, from Liaoning, Jinzhou, length 658.7 km.

658 km is not long, however, been different roads into the beginning of the investment units "cut" to 5, paragraph into Beijing, Langfang section, in Tianjin, Hebei and Liaoning Shenyang Baoshan segment Hill section, each by different owners to charge management. More intensive in the pay site to Shanhaiguan section of Beijing, 298 km of expressways total of four mainline toll stations, the average distance is only 74.5 kilometers, of which the shortest distance is only 15.8 km toll station.

Charges direct result of intensive site so that delayed the passage of time passing vehicles. It has been for a survey, from Shenyang, Beijing-Shenyang Expressway to go to Beijing to go through three port charges, parking access card, and paid a total of 6 times. Car is low, through the charging port to be delayed 23 minutes; case of vehicles, you need to spent 56 minutes, or even longer, high-speed into the fast, slow, motorists grumbling!

In fact, this not only to high-speed Beijing-Shenyang so. As the investment system, management system, and many other reasons, our highways are basically sub-building, the way a company, decentralized management. Highway Mileage in China and gradually increasing through the case of a network, the management of this sub-state separatism, on the one hand seriously affected the unity of the road network; the other hand, increased management costs. If some parts of the same route more than a joint venture co-exist, independent of each other, segment fees, resulting in the main line station to set off close, affecting smooth.

To break the drawbacks of a decentralized management highway, in October 2000, the Ministry of Communications issued a "provisional toll highway network technical requirements", and was held in November 2000 after high-speed Beijing-Shenyang four provinces of the departments concerned to study the coordination hope to conduct the first high-speed Beijing-Shenyang Expressway inter-provincial interconnection fee pilot, early in March 2003, all charges on Beijing-Shenyang Expressway Network programs 11 issue of consensus.

After the Beijing-Shenyang highway network in accordance with the "full range of networking, partition settlement," the implementation of the retention of Xianghe, Shanhaiguan two main line stations, Baodi, Hebei, and Shenyang West Point station was withdrawn in building the main line toll Shanhaiguan and 10000, a stand two points each on behalf of the issuer. The key is that the proposed scheme in Beijing to set up networking Shanhaiguan section of a profit-sharing fee settlement center, the charges section of the balance sheet included in Liaoning Liaoning Provincial Expressway Toll profit-sharing system, that is, only the owner on the highway pay a fee, as to how or by transport within the department resolved.

Middleware surface

As the networking system transformed by the Drive, charging station, charging sub-center, clearing house four system components, Drive through the original records will be on communications systems on a distributed system, import on a database. Between all levels of an independent to do this, the original records, statements to the center after the settlement. In addition, the higher command and configuration information needed by the command and communication system configuration information will be issued one level to the next level of the system, deployed to each Drive.

Beijing-Shenyang Expressway Toll therefore adopted highway network is different from other provinces charge current technical route, using cross-platform "data exchange communication middleware" technology, in the use of the existing toll collection system in civil engineering, piping and equipment based on , on the part of the Drive devices and equipment for road charging management reform, and to retain full use of existing mechanical and electrical systems software and hardware facilities, to maximize the protection and use of various sections of the investment the owners have to save the cost of the reconstruction project associated fees to technology in exchange for benefits.

In this process, the Wei guarantee both the security and reliable operation of the module, middleware of middleware products and development of the Chang Shang set out three requirements: First, the system stability and reliable sources of Chuan Shu; Second, both Tai concurrent systems Yao data processing and large data capacity of long transmission; Third, taking into account the significance of Beijing-Shenyang expressway and future management model, requires a system development cycle is short, and has high flexibility, scalability and manageability.

Contractor in the project - Beijing Public Kefei Da Traffic Engineering Development Co., Ltd. anxiously looking vision, TongTech's messaging middleware product TongLINK / Q gradually IBM and BEA and other international manufacturers fierce competition. According to TongTech Heqing Niu, deputy general manager, said: "Highway Toll System requires 7 脳 24-hour operation, requiring network communication module to ensure the smooth operation of payment system. Our more mature messaging middleware products, in the telecommunications and finance have years of experience, followed by refinement to the transport sector, we also have high-speed, Jilin, Guangdong high-speed and many other success stories, especially in Jilin high-speed, in charge of China's highway network application middleware in the first 1, has a strong representative of significance. "

180 days into highly efficient and stable network system

Beijing-Shenyang expressway network project from design to completion of charging only a short period of 6 months, head of Su Xiaoming said - "It is because of messaging middleware as the application provides an easy interface, shielding the complexity of network programming, so big improve the speed of the application system development, but also a reliable, stable and efficient network services. "

TongTech TongLINK / Q for the application provides an easy to use, efficient and reliable platform for distributed development and operation. Using TongLINK / Q can be easily and rapidly design and develop reliable and efficient with the needs of distributed applications. It also provides a distributed application management platform, it adopted the name of service and application management, provides management and monitoring of distributed applications. TongLINK / Q system to the physical network node to determine each point (network and access equipment), and through the node configuration to build the relationship between these nodes to form the logical tree or mesh network communication structure. Since each node in the logical network different positions, in order to be more easy to control these nodes, thus giving different types of each node to form a different node levels. This is entirely similar to our current executive-level classification processing, image and easy to use.

In this 180-day project implementation, the East through messaging middleware to be deployed to each transfer node, the total center of charges on sub-centers and toll stations. Various toll stations and the total center Yutian directly connected, through the middleware original records in all toll lanes on the hair directly to the main center Tamada, and the record copy to the sub-centers at all levels. Middleware between the underlying systems and applications, by calling the transmission interface message transmission, so the network problems on the screen below the middleware layer, the application can be more work to go into business processes .

In addition, the data transmission network system, the large amount of cash, and have inter-provincial coordination, harmonization split features, the system needs to ensure that the transmission of data can be subject to all kinds of unexpected failures (such as network disconnection, machine off electricity failure), can still be a reliable message transmission. Using TongLINK / Q build the underlying data transmission platform, data can be transmitted through the establishment of each node in the message queue for reliable storage and delivery, if there is downtime or network failure, etc., the data can be restored in the system and network reliable transmission of data makes the interconnection charges can not lose, no powerhouse sent to the destination.

As high-speed Beijing-Shenyang Tianjin-Tangshan Economic Zone is located in the special geographical reasons, plus the after transformation Xianghe station has become the largest country highway toll station, all the time up there a lot of data concurrency, which requires system has the ability to handle large concurrent data.

Heqing Niu, said deputy general manager, in the initial design process has been full consideration to this point, Sui Zhao Beijing-Shenyang highway traffic volume of Buduanzengjia, Shoufeixitong Yao Liang of its business would be corresponding increases, mainframe handling capacity may be difficult to meet the business processing requirements. Based on the East through messaging middleware TongLINK / Q interconnection fee system without affecting the normal operation of the system under the premise of dynamic add, delete sub-center fees, toll station node; dynamically modify service process scheduling strategy, adding new services, etc. improve the system flexibility and scalability.

September 20, 2003, the expressway from Beijing to Shenyang, the official opening of full interconnection charges, Beijing-Shenyang high-speed implementation of the "smart card." This was the opening of the first inter-provincial highway network charges, which marked China's inter-regional expressway from the inter-provincial city to the sub-management integrated management changes.

Beijing-Shenyang expressway network toll projects have been built, broke the separate management of highway management style, improve traffic efficiency and reduce operating costs. FENG Zheng-lin, as Deputy Minister of Communications pointed out that in the future, the Ministry of Communications will focus, Beijing, Tianjin and Yangtze River Delta national trunk road network charges, the eastern provinces to try to achieve in the province during 2005 all of the objectives Highway Toll .

"In the Beijing-Shenyang high-speed project, we have gradually assumed Hebei, Jiangxi, Beijing, Sichuan, networking and a series of highway toll project." Niu said Heqing vice president. The field of middleware in the domestic transport market, have occupied the top spot in the East through. In addition to highway outside the East through the Ministry of Transportation Maritime Administration also bear the "Water Safety monitoring information system" construction, and is prepared to traffic in the city of ITS, Metro AFC System and other traffic areas around attack.



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